Who is driving?

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2024

Think about your day.

Now think about the last drive you took from location A to location B.

Did you drive?

Or did you get out every few minutes and let someone else drive?

I mean, that sounds pretty silly, right?

Mayyyyyybe it was a longer drive, so you switched off with someone in the car, but that was let’s say halfway, right?


Well then what in the heck are you doing every day letting your feelings fling you and your progress all over the damn place.


I will tell you one thing….as a woman, my moods are a little all over the place (more around ovulation but that’s for a different blog post).


In one day, I can go from happy and energetic to emotional and reminiscent. I can get upset and sad, changing it up shortly thereafter for some anger. I can even add in tired and overwhelmed sprinkled through.


See where I am going here?

ALL the feelings.

ALL changing.

ALL over the place.


Now imagine, if I stopped working for the entire day because I was irritated? If I did that every day, I wouldn’t get very far. (Sometimes we actually do need it, but if I work consistently, taking an afternoon off won’t do any damage).


It’s like the Buddhist refer to the “monkey mind”. It’s a thought but it will pass and that doesn’t mean what you are thinking is the end all be all or even the truth.


Sometimes you have to pull back and look at the whole picture…

…maybe I am tired right now because I didn’t get enough sleep.

…maybe I am irritated because I am hungry.

…I cannot always be motivated and that’s okay. I have worked really hard this week.

…I am a little more emotional today because of my cycle.

AND SOMETIMES, it’s just because and that’s okay. It will pass.


It is okay to feel the feelings, but we don’t necessarily need to FOLLOW them.


Acknowledgment without getting out of the car and letting someone or something else drive 30 minutes out of the way.


Get back in the driver’s seat.

It’s your car.

Your life.

Your decision.






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