Happy Holidays?

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

It’s a blur. Thanksgiving to Christmas flies by…and forget about the week between Christmas and the New Year. No one even knows their name that week.

But that’s no reason to throw all the cards in the air, even though it’s so easy to do.

It’s like the perfect time to compile all of our fave excuses into one big holiday haze.
“I am busy.”
“I have so much to do.”
“It’s all just right in front of me!”
“I want to enjoy myself!”

Let’s reread all of the above. How is that any different than life?

Yeah…..it’s not.

The key to progress is consistency, with a whole of fun and flexibility sprinkled in.

Consistency doesn’t equal perfection.

Consistency is adopting healthy habits and patterns, putting them on repeat and still enjoying yourself!
Consistency is heading in the right direction even after a few bumps in the road or wrong turns.
Consistency is treating your body with respect.

So, no, I am not here to tell you not to eat the Christmas cookies or drink water at the holiday party.
I am here to remind you that your goals matter and your body is craving some healthy treatment THAT INCLUDES some cocktails and cookies (or whatever your faves are).

So, how do I do this, Miss Know It All?
1. Get some sleep. Don’t skimp in this department or else your mood will be swinging like a wrecking ball, your energy will be nonexistent and your cravings will be supercharged.
2. Drink water. Seriously, hydrate. It helps with your body’s natural ability to detox, cures hangovers and keeps things running smoothly in there.
3. Move your ass. Doesn’t need to be some extravagant workout, but make sure your steps are 8k+ and try to fit in some 20-30 minute workouts a few times a week.
4. Slow down. You don’t need to eat it all in one sitting and you certainly don’t need to drink it all at once.
5. Don’t overthink. Decide to have fun and enjoy yourself, not giving it one more thought. It’s easy to beat yourself up or obsess….don’t.

If you have trouble finding the balance around the holidays because you are stuck between the “I am going to eat and drink it all” and “I’ll have water and carrots, please”, then you aren’t living…..you are a ping pong ball. Maybe it's time to try something different and ask for help!

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