Start from the ground up!

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2023

Yes, it’s a new year. 

Actually a new week also.

New day too.


And every day we get that opportunity.


Yet, somehow, we find a way to completely psych ourselves out. We convince ourselves that if it’s not perfect or what we expected, that we should just throw it all out.


Kind of like if you had $100, lost $10, and threw out the other $90?

See where I am going here??


And maybe this is something I need to hear too….I tend to get in my head when situations don’t live up to the hype I created.


I am human. So are you.


I am not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because they tend to be general and kind of out there.


But I am a fan of goals. Notice I said goals and not expectations.


Maybe it’s time to start from the ground up.


What do I mean?


Stop starting from the expectation and working your way back…

Start from the goal that you want and BUILD UP.


As a mother, I feel like I let expectations run the show and then I end up disappointed, rather than grateful for the few steps in the right direction.


What if we told our kids about running a marathon when they are learning to walk…..yeah, no bueno.


So, here is your friendly reminder to set your goal for today.

Then when you honor and respect that, worry about the week. 

Brick by brick, build the foundation….and THIS will make your goals your reality.


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