LifeStyle with Toni

6 Month Coaching Program to Shift Your Lifestyle, Lose the Stubborn Weight and Feel Energized Without Spending Hours in the Gym or the Kitchen

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 Are you feeling?

  • Like you have tried every diet, diet pill, chalky bar and "magic" shake?
  • Like you lose the weight and gain it right back, sometimes even two fold?
  • Like you never good enough, lean enough, or sexy enough?
  • Like you are working so hard, yet your body just does not respond at all?
  • Like you do not have the time to be spending hours in the gym or in the kitchen,
  • Like you need a lifestyle change?
I Need a Change!

Imagine If You:

  • could finally wear the shorts, rock the bikini and not hide in photos.
  • never had to google “How do I lose belly fat?” or “How do I reduce cellulite” again?
  • ditched the “diets” forever.
  • stopped the self sabotage and actually stuck to a plan made for you.
  • genuinely enjoyed your workouts,  with or without equipment, in or out of the gym, and within the little amount of time you have. (YES 30 minutes is enough time!)
  • showed your kids a balanced relationship with food; you eat the birthday cake, you eat the fries and you eat at a restaurant, without making comments about yourself.
  • LOVED your body.
I am Ready!

LifeStyle with Toni is PERFECT for you if...

  • You feel like you just keep yo-yoing between the same 20, 30 or 40 pounds.
  • You have a hard time carving out any time for your own needs and goals.
  • You are lacking the motivation anymore because you have tried “everything”.
  • You are ready to transform your body and your lifestyle.
  • You want to be more knowledgeable as to what YOUR body needs; not some generic plan.
  • You want to feel better in your skin, without compromising your work, your family or even your social life.
  • You are finally ready to make a shift that is sustainable and long lasting.
I Need This!

You will learn:


Learn what to eat, without counting calories or macros. Learn what your body wants and needs, without feeling deprived!

Learn to Live

Learn things like eating in social situations and how to go on vacation without stressing about your food or workouts.


Really delving into your goals and becoming body confident. Ditching the doubt and fear, and welcoming the best version of you.

Strength Training

Feel and look strong. Whether its in the gym or at home, you will learn how to build muscle and burn fat, without sacrificing time from your busy schedule.


Learn what types of cardio are the best for you, your heart and your body!


Explore the importance rest days, sleep and stretching for your body!


Learn how to dig deep and really push on the days when it feels like you have nothing in the tank. Those are the days that matter the most!


Have a plan, a schedule and support, when willpower just isn’t enough, sometimes.

All About Toni:

Toni is a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Nutrition Specialist, with over 15 years of experience. Growing up an athlete, her passion is to help people break through the barriers keeping them from their absolute best life. Toni struggled with Anorexia and Bulimia from the age of 12, and values the importance of health and fitness, not only of the body, but of the mind. As an IFBB Pro, she has worked with all types of athletes, from professional to competitive but now focuses on clients who want to learn how to live….busy moms who want to make a lifestyle change.

Schedules, time, life, and families all are factors that some people let get in the way of their physical goals. Toni guides people through  the process of learning what their body responds well to, and how to make it happen with a million other things going on in life. It is possible to be healthy and strong, along with running a business and a family. As a full time working mama, Toni "gets it".  The sky is the limit and change is right around the corner; just starts with the decision to try and respect yourself enough to keep the promises you make to you.

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I'm Ready!

"Almost 4 months of focusing on me....mind, body and soul, and I couldn't be prouder of myself."

"I am happy when I look at myself in the mirror! I cannot tell you how it feels to go to the mall, and be able to shop in any store, and not be restricted to the plus size section!"

"I decided one day it was time to change myself, so eventually better things would align for me. I realized it all starts with me."

LifeStyle with Toni

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